Monday, October 02, 2006

And I have competition!!!

And what a one sided competition it is! So I`m gonna pull out my stat counters and advertise heavily! surf blog traffic exchange sites and leave links almost everywhere. Because I`m intimidated. I`m really not taking this lightly. There is another big player BACK in blogosphere after a long absense and he`s still strong! I`m talking ofcourse of my friend Sumit who goes by the alias "Abhinav" and blogs here.

Its not just random everyday thoughts and happenings/events like mine. He`s an excellent writer(script/story u decide) and poet and also a musician(although I doubth his blog has anything to do with music..) so why dont u visit his blog and let him know where you came from and that I`m all set to make a better blog than his.


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