Tuesday, October 10, 2006

when stranded alone & no 1 to communicate with

It started raining heavily all of a sudden and washed away all my plans. I had to go to bonsai to buy a present for sanika's birthday. But it was already 8:30 when I was in front of pyramid at sena pati bapat road so I decided to do that first thing tomorrow.

The idea of taking pictures of lightening had facincted me since many days and I had noticed lightening in the sky continuing since quite some time. I didnt figure it'd start raining but it did. Yeah that was sudden and I didnt have a rain coat so I stopped under a tree and sent out 2sms to suju and sumit..no reply.. In a while, the rain started getting heavier. I noticed people running inside this plot and saw a shade there..much better that those tree leaves. So I ran in too. By what I read on boards around there, it was the MSEB DISTRIBUTION CENTRE or something..

I sent div an sms hoping for a reply and thus something to do rather than just blankly stare at those other people's faces. But when she didnt reply either, I started typing this blog entry.. A little while later, I got a reply from suju saying its the reply to last 3 smses I had sent her..now thats an innovative way to conserve balance. ;)

well I had been standing almost all day in the exhibition and my feet were really tired. So i looked around for a place to sit and found a row of chairs laid out under another tin roof. This was the first time i felt like thanking the MSEB people.. Well, sitting there, I didnt even notice how much time had passed and when it stopped raining, I left for home.

sent frm my E60

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