Thursday, October 12, 2006

when yash finally met sid

I knew it was going to be a blast because of what suju had already told me about her little brother siddharth. So I was eager to meet him since the day suju announced he'll be coming to pune. I was thinking what kinds of things i'd share with him and how I'd entertain him.

In the beginning, he was rather quiet and subdued. I dont know what was more fun, sid teasing suju or suju's expressions on getting irritated at that. That's when I said "I like him already!" (no that's not my dialogue..its been used in many movies already cars or fast and the furious tokyo drift) He's really good at irritating suju with little things. Ask suju.. Even she'll vouch that I was having the best time!

Then we played our drinking ritual game "I never" with sid. I have to admire, he understood the game faster than many other people in the group. He did have some i never's to say too and they were fun really..kinda childish but then he's only 12. We were getting tired of drinking so I decided to stop so I could save the rest for playing it with sumit alone.

Me and siddharth then watched some cartoons and music videos together. Dexter's lab and one man band and crazy frog video "we are the champions".. He wasn't interested in sponge bob square pants and I didnt want to let him see south park yet.
Then there was nothing to do so suju decided to take him home or for a movie.

That was that and sumit didnt take much interest in playing the game with me..darn i missed the chance of getting him to disclose some more secrets to me.. Shit!

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