Thursday, October 19, 2006

No firecrackers tonight!

We usually go to buy our stock of firecrackers on the night of dhanteras, which is the first day of diwali puja. But tonight, we didnt go. Maybe dad would have taken us later, but I am feeling too sleepy for that. I`ve been sleeping late for 2 days at a strech now and its left me really tired tonight. we just did the puja and put the diyas in the gallery. That too was pretty late around 9pm.. Then I didnt even see the kids-my niece and nephew firing crackers next door so even I totally forgot about pestering dad to go get firecrackers.. well, lets just look at it this way: We helped keep the environment a little clean for one night. But dont expect that to happen the next 4 nights! I love my firecrackers! I would never want to give up this once in a year opportunity to fire to my heart`s contempt.

That makes This afternoon the most interesting part of the day! I was out with tina to give some sweets and gifts to anu didi`s and sonu didi`s house. I didnt enjoy much at anu didi`s "sasural". Its a boring place we both agreed. But sonu didi`s place was fun..because of the obvious reason that sonu didi was there and also sanika. I took a lot of pictures and videos of her and played a lot with her! And I didnt feel like leaving but we had to. Because tauji had to go someplace at 4 and we had to get back home in time for the driver to go have lunch and come back BEFORE 4.(was that rhyming? heck I dont really care)

After we got back home, I watched television! and thats a big deal because tata sky dth service was installed at er place just a day before! I could finally watch vh1 in akola and nickelodeon and cartoon network in english and all the channels that I always longed for but didnt get them here.. All that, in excellent quality picture and sound! And it costs just 200rs per month and 4k for set top box and installation. I wanna pester dad into getting that for this house too!


  1. So finally u failed to save our precious environment n poured in all kinds of hazardous gases..... :P :P

    More info bout Tata sky shall really b appreciated......

    Wishing everyone a happy n tech-savvy diwali...may God wish u with all kinds of sexy gadgets...

  2. u want info on tata sky then go read the entertainment blog. I posted a kinda review on it tonight itself.