Tuesday, October 10, 2006

disclosure time

Last night we were at suju's playing truth or dare when i was asked when was the last time i cried (i.e. Felt so sad that tears came out the eyes - for people with no heart who don't know what crying is) so i didnt have to give it another thought.. I recalled the sleep over at my place when I was upstairs in bed with sumit asleep and pranav talkin to me. That was the last time i had tears in my eyes..

though I didnt recall the conversation between us then, I do now. And I think I better disclose it because I think they should know the complete truth. I had asked pranav what he thinks about me because I know he never lies and that he can evaluate people and their personalities very easily. But I was damn scared. What if like a previous time, I cant handle the truth? What if he says some thing about me thats potentially hurtful? Something like i'm a bad friend or he doesnt like me as a friend..that I'm an ass hole, stupid, dick head.. So just thinking all this I started crying even before he started speaking. I was mentally preparing myself for the pandora's box that I seemed to have opened.

But what he did say about me was for me and me alone..like the oracle in matrix. That concerns no other. They wouldn't make much difference to anybody else.

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