Monday, October 09, 2006

first day of diwali exhibition

Me & sumit got here too early. All the others didnt arrive untill around 10am. But then all the hustle-bustle started. Getting the lanterns from the library, tying string to hang them.. I was feeling very weak today so sumit did almost all the work while I stood there and ordered just like a typical irritating nagging boss.

when the gals finally arrived with the greetings, we or more appropriately they, set up the table. Sumit rode down to his place to get colours to make a poster and I continued taking photos of the greetings and chatting with monu didi.

I'm thinkin why did I remove my poster colours from my bag this morning. If I hadn't removed it from the bag, it would have saved some time and petrol. Well now the others are out and I'm all alone keeping a watch on the stall..well kind of..I've been typing this for a while now so I think I'd better stop.

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