Monday, October 16, 2006

what a bash!

And it was a really tiring ordeal. drawing tattoos for kids AND grown ups! As soon as it was announced that I`m drawing tattoos, all the kids came rushing towards me in a matter of seconds. That was so intimidating at first..I wasnt ready for this kind of response. But now I couldnt retreat. I had to face the crowd and do my stuff. My first tatto in the party was shubhi. I quickly drew the cartoon character bloo with a red gift box in his hands on her arm. That time I hadnt even gotten a table to properly set up my colors and everything.. but that tattoo was pretty good too.

Then as soon as my table was set up, I was swiftly making tattoos of mickey,bugs bunny,little black smiley faces and everything on kids` hands/arms.. none wanted their face painted surprisingly..hehe.. well, "indore waale jijaji" wanted to get a tattoo on his cheek...LOL.. I had drawn a really sexy angel on my left forearm in the house that was admired and envied by everyone. He wanted THAT. but obviously, his wife wouldnt let him... so he asked me to draw an apple on his he can ask ladies if they want to taste the apple. ;) no need to mention he wasnt obliged...I couldnt have...LOL

The most annoying moment also needs to be mentioned here, when some bit** was treating me like a..well..someone who`s hired for the job..."now you mind your language bit** I`m not under anybody`s orders and I`ll do what I want because I volunteered for this and I have the right to NOT draw anything on your baby`s hand unless I want to! so you can just piss off" is what I felt like saying to her. And the high time was when someone else asked if I do this professionally..hmm...what if I had said yes to her? A nice big contract for some party? oh god no!!! Good thing I told her the truth.

But the tattos...(oh well I`m not discussing anything else here because this was all about the tattoos to me. I didnt have my digicam with me because I had forgotten its charger and data cable in pune and wasnt paying much attention to it since I came here. So for the first time after a long time since my digicam arrived, I was thoroughly enjoying the party then and there; as it was supposed to be enjoyed; without worrying about capturing the moments so I could look at them and enjoy the moments later...what an irony huh? Anyways, I didnt miss my camera at all. But I did get to take some pictures with monu didi`s nokia N70 cellphone that has a HUGE shutter lag! hate that darn thing!!!)

Lets get back to the tattoos shall we? I had started the tribal sun design on monu didi`s hand but she got up and left because the birthday cake was being cut. but then I completed that tattoo on another`s hand before hers...infact, her tattoo was left incomplete till the end of the I said I`ll draw u a nice one tomorrow or the day after when u`re leaving for durg.