Monday, October 30, 2006


Its times like this, when I feel that it would have really been better if I didnt have to put in a title for my blog. I cant think what would be appropriate for the way I feel and what I think is about to come next. Its the third day since I was told my admission was finalized. I`m supposed to be readying out my visa documents but I`m preoccupied with other things.

Day before yesterday I was supposed to leave for pune and before going I needed to finalize all the fittings for the renovated bathrooms. So I was out shopping with mom till 1 hour before my train. Then I finally reached home and hurriedly packed my suitcase and bag. But the reservation didnt confirm till the last moment and I had to come back home. I really wished I could get to pune as soon as possible but the ticket for bus that night was just exorbitant! well, I ended up staying here for two more days.

Yesterday, electricity was playing nasty all day. It would come and go over and over again. But the time it was away was more than the time it was available. Then in the evening, we had to go to a party at the city sports club. I had planned to format and reinstall windows on my computer but couldnt do it. iTunes was playing spoilsport. I tried to backup my library using its backup tool but it kept giving me error "your recorder or media is not fast enough" even when I had the speed set to 4x!

Now today I did prepare some documents required for my visa application and am gonna leave for pune at around 10 pm. I know this entry isnt even good enough to announce to my friends. Things havent been going good for anybody. I know I even felt for sumit that he`s running out of creative juices when I read his latest entry. So just for the record..this is me, signing out. see ya in pune.

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