Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tired and sleepy but got to update.

Happy birthday sanika for one last time before the day ends, may you get all the best things in life.

It was her cute chubby face that started my day this morning and I`m very happy for the very same reason. I`ve been eating like anything since I got here..A HUGE breakfast of samosas and kachoris at tina`s place and then again another round of snacks and cake at sonu didi`s house. I have probably mentioned to all my friends I`ve talked to through the day that sanika loved my present. The smiling and happy expression she gave was worth much more than anything I could ever get her. I bet jijaji thinks that each and every day, each and every time he sees her.well, everybody for that matter.

I`m trying harder to be in touch with my friends this time as I dont think I could deal with the same thing that happened last time happening again. But it probably wont. The bond that we have now after the exhibition is unbreakable. And I`ve learnt to deal with not being around pranav anymore(yeah finally)..I believe we`re still friends but I`ve let go of the tight possesiveness I`ve had of him in the past.good times ahead in store for me and everyone around me then..I dont know how many hours I`ve been on the phone today but the longest was with mohini..wuite unexpected..I didnt think I could hold a conversation with her for that long but I did...I narrated "the night at the railway station with a guy called sumit" and not gonna write that here because I`d verbally narrate it over and over again to anybody interested because I`ll always remember it no matter what!

I and div decided to go buy some hand made paper for making greetings. Wow! another stationery shopping spree! I bought same kind of papers that I had in pune and a new kind. I also looked for some good papers for printouts but none were available in a4 sizes...they said they could cut it into a4 for me..but I was doubtfull. so then we went and bought some 3d colours..I remember they produced excellent efect on many cards in pune. spent around 182 on that..but I dont care. I wanted to do something creative as soon as I got back home but I had to go with mom to pic electrical fittings for our bathrooms that are being I only had time to draw vicky a ghost tattoo..he liked it and I was happy I could do it.

well the task of picking the fittings with mom was darn boring and ardous..but what has to be done, has to be done! after that, dinner and now sitting in dad`s office again scanning a pc for viruses with avast antivirus. got enough time to complete my post I thought. so that was that..really.good night, sweet dreams.

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