Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An sms to keep the blues away

I was really tired and irritated and gloomy. Mom had been yelling at me all day to do chores around the house and I needed a break but I didnt get it. I was just standing around like a zombie doing nothing which made mom even more angry! (This was like a cycle..) then she yells at me and that makes me even more pissed.

And I didnt see any light at the end of the tunnel. Seemed like my miseries will never end..because I wasnt ready to deal with that attitude of hers and she wouldnt take any of my "laziness".. She demanded that I clean up my room but I replied with a big NO! just then, I got an sms from a dear friend and everything changed.. I was feeling all better and I even said yes and did the next chore mom assigned to me without any hesitation. And for me, to do "chores" "WITHOUT HESITATION" is a big deal!!!

So, I`m analysing why this is so.. Pranav rarely smses me these days..even as a reply to my smses..This used to annoy and make me very uncomfortable in the beginning but I`m ok with it now..I`ve learnt to deal with it. But still, I always expect to see his name in the sender box. And there are many moments of disappointment but I`m still always optimistic.. Thus when that moment finally arrives, that my expectations are fulfilled, its something I cant describe.. even I dont have words for that.

what if sumit were to do the same thing? He is one person I know who ALWAYS helps me out in crisis..mainly my emotional ups and downs.. its like I`m always suffering from pms..(this is physically not possible that was just sarcasm) and still sumit hasn`t ever gotten frustrated and told me to "go fuck yourself"... he has the patience of a saint I tell ya! so if my only psychiatrist stops "treating" me, I`ll be in an institution before long.

This leaves me thinking, would it have a similar effect on my friends if I start replying to smses only once in a bluemoon..I should give them a chance to miss me huh? And surprise them with an sms once in a while.. But I couldnt do that. I cant be aloof.. my peeps are indispensable to me. The silent and aloof kind is not I`ll keep announcing daily events to everyone related to it and who would be interested, as long as I have balance in my cell. Because an sms is enough to keep the blues away.

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