Monday, October 23, 2006


  • to push or force one's way;
  • jostle or shove.
  • to be aggressive, esp. in business or other financial dealings.
  • to earn one's living by illicit or unethical means.

not in any of those sense. I mean hurry. I had to hurry out of my house at exactly 7 pm when we were supposed to be meeting online. The reason? My sheridan application procedure..Dad just announced that a snail mail arrived in pune from sheridan college asking me to send my 12th transcript, AGAIN. And I must do it right now!I apologized to suju and left immediately.

Once there, I talked to dad, whether the 2nd fax had arived yet.(because there was something wrong with the printer, the first fax didnt come out right) But it hadnt so I had time to wait. I instantly smsed div to sign out of the messenger, and I opened and signed into my yahoo id so that I could chat with sujata. Now the cool feature about meebo is that it saves your chat history online, kinda like google, so that wherever you open your id from, you can look up to the previous conversations. So I read suju`s messages, its ok, first things first and thought for a second there, should I chat now, or not? But I did. Typing away as fast as I could because I also had to type a new cover letter, stating my student id and also that I`m forwarding my hsc board certificate.

Then while doing that, another thing cropped up. I had seen this before, but didnt really care for it, but now dad wanted me to find a solution. The ms word would show silly glittery little color dots all around the cursor and the areas where text was entered. So now I had to go to the thinkdigit forum too. Quickly did a search for something like tht already being addressed to no success. Then I quickly typed my own topic and exited.

In a while, the fax from pune had arrived, luckily this time it was legible...mostly. So I faxed it, and all the rush, pumping adrenaline all calmed down. Now all thats left to do is wait, wait and wait. I`ll happily update you as soon as they say I`m in. Good night.


  1. What's a Sheridan application?

  2. Hi sally. u know it feels so good when u dont get just spam comments like joey loopis here..
    anyways, back to the question, I meant application to sheridan college for the arts fundamental course.