Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy diwali

I just want to wish happy diwali to you(not necessarily in any order of preference)

sumit - the reason I log into yahoo messenger

Sahil - The reason I hate fat people even more than I used to

sujata - The reason I dont hate all fat people anymore

pranjali - The reason I`m not called chotu in the group

Harsh - The reason why I dont feel bad about me being so skinny

Mohini - The reason I got over my fear of speaking marathi

Pranav - The reason I got rid of my hair

Shruti - The reason I started and then stopped giving missed calls

Sagar - The reason I have so many funny anecdotes to tell to my friends

Suraj - The reason I stopped thinking "man I have so many pimples"

Nikita - The reason I started thinking people can really improve for the better

Ruchi didi - The reason I used to pity harsh and later got jealous of harsh

Divya - The reason I enjoy being a "naughty boy"

Tina - The reason I didnt have to wear my school uniform pant outdoors when I stayed over at monu didi`s place on weekends(I used to wear HER jeans)

Monu didi - The reason I would look forward to coming to akola

Sonu didi - The reason I have sanika to play with

Sanika - The reason I got to go to bonsai(I really had a fantastic time there)

Anup - The reason I thank god("thank you god for NOT giving me parents like his")

Vickky - The reason I am afraid of atom bombs..

Greenmonster - The reason I get to be in touch with my mature side(for the brief moment when I`m reading her blog)

Abhishek - The reason I get bored and sometimes even annoyed of being online.

Mohit - The reason I am almost always about to tear my hair off

Vishal - The reason I started playing ragnarok

Samrat - The reason I miss the basketball court so much

Amit - The reason I got so many south park eps to watch

Naveen - The reason I never regretted being in mumbai

Richa - The reason I now feel much more comfortable with the opposite sex(I mean MY opposite sex..girls)

really sorry if I left someone out..its just because I couldnt recall ur name`s spelling at the moment or I couldnt think of anything to say for u.


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