Sunday, October 08, 2006

The sweetest thing anybody ever said to me

Suju's worrying too much about me since yesterday. I remember her saying "I hope you don't think I'm tryin to create a distance between you and pranav" to me right after we left college. Well nobody could create a distance between us two except for maybe,.. "pranav" himself. Like lately, pranav's not replyin to my sms much and we haven't gone for a movie together since that unfateful night..

today suju was online and was definately pissed that i said i didnt like the visiting card design that she made. She wanted to tell me to bugger off but she again controlled herself because she knew i might put something like that in my blog(suju I really admire you if you're still reading it) then later she apologized via sms and said dont mind the chat.

I didnt mind it at all. I told suju you should relax about me already. But what I couldn't directly tell you, lemme tell you that now, - one of the main reasons why I would always stick with you is one simple sms. The one you sent me on 5th september around 9pm. Don't think I'd told anyone how strongly I feel about that sms but Since then I decided I'd never ditch you. Now if you dont remember what that sms was, and hoping I'd tell you, you're so wrong. ;)

sent frm my E60

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