Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Huzaifa`a place

I was really looking forward to going to huzaifa`s place today,(no not really for the chicken, I had many other expectations too.) but for the overall experience. Hoped there`d be many people and would get to meet some old acquaintances I havent met in a while. And, I was gonna get my lost and pink panther and Schindler`s list dvd from abhishek.

In the morning, I had totally forgotten about the dvds and so didnt mention it when I was chatting with abhishek. If I had, he might have brought it, but even he forgot. By, the way, its his birthday today, happy birthday again abhishek. Mom was rather pleased on seeing me all bathed and dressed up and asked me where I was going in a very uncomfortable tone..(I`m not used to mom being all nice to me, and neither is she used to me being so 'propah'.

Abhishek had told me the way to huzaifa`s house was through one of the worst roads in akola. Still, I decided to take div`s wave because you never know..what if I have to come back early and abhishek has to say back or vice versa..Its always good and convenient to have your own mode of transport handy. So we rode to his house and it wasnt all that bad..perhaps because it was only 10am.

In his room, he has a nice home theater setup and obvious test drive was the fast and the furious tokyo drift movie.(pun intended) I can almost never get tired of watching that movie. Its soundtrack is whats got me hooked. And the songs as well as the effects sounded great on the little artis system. We even watched simpsons on it.

(its not complete but I want to go to sleep and if I post it tomorrow, its gonna make no sense.

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