Friday, October 13, 2006

A tribute


I am writing a disclaimer for the following reasons:

1.] It is the ‘IN’ thing as of now. Every other blogger writes a disclaimer these days for no apparent reason.

2.] It is to impress upon the reading audience that the author of this post is not as desperate for girls as he pretends to be.

3.] (ok now lets get serious) You have the right to remain happy and cheerful around me. Anything potentially depressing you say can and WILL be used in this blog.

All the lines I copied, (Courtesy: A 4 year engineering degree) have been duly credited to their respective authors in this post itself. Any inadvertent copying and imitation is unintentionally and subconsciously done. (You’ve read this line elsewhere in the newspapers, haven’t you?? But it’s ok in my case for the simplest reason that I am not getting 20 crores like Kaavya Vishwanathan as advance for writing this piece of junk.).

Any disgust or pity for me is to be kept to yourselves. I don’t need any of those. I have got enough of it.

6.] Before sahil (or anyone for that matter)
thinks of suing me, I will clarify that this is all a matter of jest and not directed towards anyone in particular. Except for ofcourse sahil and the people mentioned..

7.] Lastly, I must confess, I copied this whole concept from a-nutty-ket which is written by aniket patil and I really like reading to whatever he has to write there from time to time.

8.] Oh one more thig, lose any hopes you have, of me stopping to blog in the near future. Thats not happening no matter what u say :P


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