Saturday, February 13, 2010

Changing gears

This is a longer drawing done over the course of two weeks. Two models posed separately and had to be incorporated in one finished piece. The end result was surprising even to me.
I did a rather big drawing of the female lying down in portrait orientation. This because last time, I had done a smaller full figure drawing of the standing female in this piece and ended up with quite a lot of negative space.
But I had not anticipated the model for the next week to be on the bigger side. I was now faced with a challenge of how much of her do I want to incorporate, and where. I went ahead with what you see here, mostly disappointed with the result the first half of the session. I was encouraged by a classmate Lisa. And I walked out of the class feeling like I had succeeded in pulling this one out of the gutter in the end.

The result, Sherran Deems said looked like something Philip Pearlstein would paint.

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