Sunday, February 20, 2011

Going from thumbnail to finished

I quickly sketched out a few thumbnails for a layout. I was pretty happy with few and I got the go ahead to finish them. I started off with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. However, a few hours into working in illustrator, I was not feeling the same way about it anymore. I couldn't figure out why and feeling frustrated, I put that on the shelf for a week. I decided I really should be getting back to that so I open up the file today, and like magic, I suddenly saw all the problems.
My thumbnail was highly cropped, and left a lot of details to be filled in by the viewer's brain. (I realize detailing and finessing is one of my weak points, that's why I could never be an illustrator. But I knew I did this one finished background before so I should be able to do this too.) But in illustrator, I was working with an expanded canvas. And that's where I screwed up trying to fill in this extra space in illustrator. Here is a screenshot for you all to see what I'm talking about. The ground plane for instance. And the foreground building on the left. Maybe I will start over. Maybe I needed this kick.

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