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Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 2:15 AM

1:54 AM aniruddh: kya scene hai ?
 me: hi
  was just talking to monu didi..
1:55 AM aniruddh: ok
  i meant "in the bigger picture" kya scene hai
1:56 AM happy new year..... or so we hope
 me: hehe
  hey, I don't want to be at sheridan anymore
  I want to get the hell out of canada
1:57 AM aniruddh: kyun re?
  kahan jaata?
 me: it's too fucking cold here!
 aniruddh: and what happened with you radmission dude?
  woh theek hai re
  cold is no biggie...
 me: wanna go someplace warmer.
  how about savannah?
 aniruddh: once u have a car and all its REALLY not a big deal
1:58 AM \and maybe few layers of FAT would help too...
  but lets ask for what we can get
  yeah sure
  but apne time ko value kar re
  fuck the cold
  its one of the wqarmest part of canada
1:59 AM and savannah ka abhi mat soch
  baad me dekheneg uska
  and what if chachaji says fuck it ..... come home
  kar re merelaal thoda slog
2:00 AM me: right about now, I wouldn't mind coming back home...
  oakville is such a bad place to be. more so these 6 months of the year..
2:01 AM aniruddh: theek haina
  toronto reh lena
  tu admission to le
2:02 AM jitna tera sheridan aur savannah ki fees mein difference rahega.... utne me u can live on harbour front drive a car and yet save a lot
2:03 AM me: I was talking to friends and he brought up the idea of a loan. is that a possibility?
 aniruddh: toronto is a BEAUTIFUL place to live in
 me: or scholarship
 aniruddh: loan why?...... scholorship NO !!!!
2:04 AM DUDE..... T.o. is the most multicultural city in the world
  summmer in t.o. is practically paraise
 me: i was just trying to figure out/justify getting away from sheridan and another decent institute.
2:05 AM but getting from TO to oakville and college is worse than getting from andheri to churchgate
 aniruddh: i thought its the same chat on orkut and gmail
  turns out not
 me: uh.. whatever
 aniruddh: say here
  i closed the other chat window
2:06 AM u wanna go to savannah then savannah
  we dont have to get loan for that
  and they dont give shcolorships
 me: I was saying living in toronto and going to study in oakville is HARD-ER!
 aniruddh: hehe
 me: the transit system is really bad
 aniruddh: drive
2:07 AM me: I only have my G1 right now
 aniruddh: and once you arein the school...there are only 15-18 hours of school time per week'
  yeah well licence u can get.... ADMISSION.... i am not sure
 me: hmm
2:08 AM true
 aniruddh: arre tu kya apna mann badal raha waapis
  tension mat de mujhe
  abhi saala critical time aa gaya aur tu canada nahi rahene ki baat kar raha
 me: tension, aap ko?
2:09 AM aniruddhsavannah ke for bhar de
 me: i've been here since 07. completing 3rd year at sheridan
 aniruddh: deadlines miss mat kar
 me: i don't want to be at sheridan saying, this is my 5th year here,
2:10 AM aniruddh: per dude..... u r not getting younger
  i know
  so fill the form and all
  for savannah
  but give it you rlast try
  and a honest one too
2:11 AM being 24-25 and saying that i am not a graduate isnt exactly is good feeling either
  trust me... i was close to that feeling
  ( hehe)
2:12 AM me: hey, i've completed 3 years of college after this, so can I apply for advanced programs?
 aniruddh: I GRADUATED 24 THOUGH
 me: like i can apply for sheridan post graduate computer animation program instead of the 4 year BAA animation
2:13 AM would it be same/similar at other places/
 aniruddh: animation u should know better
  OTHER PROGRAMS.... i can help
  with findig info about other schoold...but that u can do easlily too
2:14 AM me: like generally, would you say I could join graduate programs in colleges rather than undergraduate because I've done 3 years of college
2:15 AM aniruddh: you need 4 years of school for undergraduation
2:16 AM me: and oh, let dad know I need documents for US visa application.. i'm gonna need some help on that
  my interview is on 20th jan

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