Friday, May 08, 2009

Late night ice cream run

Donnie was in a really bad mood almost all day today. So he decided to go take a walk outside at about 11 pm in the night. In talking to him, trying to cheer him up, I said hey, do you wanna go get an ice cream?

And so we headed out to the store barely 5 minute walk away from the apartment. I saw a bus and suddenly said, "hey, wanna go for a random bus ride to nowhere in particular?" (I watched yes man not too long ago) He said he didn't bring his wallet (That has the TTC card). So I ended up buying him an ice cream. And we went on a walk towards the flyover over highway 427.

He told me he has an option to study for gmat and apply for York U if he doesn't make it into Ryerson. But he is not ready to do it because GMAT is too hard and he won't be able to do it. I stayed quiet for a moment, as I wanted to look back at what I've done before telling him he shouldn't think like that and not give up before he's even tried.

"Do you know how hard GMAT is?" he asked.
"I do", I replied.

Since I didn't want to make it about 'me', I briefly told him how I tried 3 times for getting into the animation program and worked harder than I have ever had for anything else in my life.
I was telling him once you start doing it, you might actually get into it and perform better than you think.

Soon we reached the flyover and I wished I had my camera with me. I did make a mental note to come back here next time with my camera and tripod. Doni and I started talking about timelapses and long exposure photography. (got to get my camera sensor cleaned!)

And even as we were returning, and he said, "shit! I didn't bought the coke" I said to myself, calm down yash, not tonight...

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