Monday, May 04, 2009

Evening timelapse

So I spent pretty much all of the day today working with my camera and timelapse. Dragon being my software of choice. I had to charge both the batteries, and make sure they had enough juice to hold up to shooting upto 500 shots. Tried out different locations. First out the window of my room. But Dragon crashed and I had wasted a lot of time.

Next, I put the camera in the balcony. Doni and I had discussions about whether we should point the camera towards the highway or the west. The trees though were a bummer as we couldn't see the cars on the highway or much of the lights after the sun went down. We were both debating how long can we make the timelapse before it gets boring. Finally, I kept the framerate at 24 and the timelapse came to about 21 seconds.

Another thing I am disappointed with is dust appearing on the picture because my sensor is dirty. Gotta spend some bucks to get a good sensor cleaning swab.

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