Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally Finished Kungfu Panda

Yeah, there's supposed to be a 27th april and 28th april Page. But I didn't find time to finish what I started on the 27th while waiting by the road side, waiting for the bus to go to Doni's place. It was a nice and sunny day, and I took my small sketchbook with me. I sketched some cars driving by, and wanted to paint them in watercolor style. However, when I got back home on 28th, Corel painter 11 refused to cooperate.

As for drawings from 28th, I was sketching briefly in the Missisauga transit bus, but it was too shaky for me to continue. And I don't feel like posting those drawings. so here's something from the archives, did this during reading week, when I was going to Ohio to visit naniji. There was this really cute kid at the airport dressed in layers of loose clothing. 'very gangsta' I thought to myself. LOL

Anyways, Staying at Doni's was fun. I finished kungfu panda game on his xbox 360, and I guess I might be playing more games more often now. LOL.

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