Friday, April 03, 2009

I Have Never Gotten a Scholarship in my life

Before now, that is. I was so happy to get an email from Julie, the International Admissions Counselor at SCAD. She is a very nice lady, and one of the reasons to go there, would be to meet her in person and thank her for helping me out with the admission process. I still remember when I sent her an email I was supposed to send to a classmate here, and I accidentally typed the wrong email address and pressed send. Realized what mistake I had made at 2:30 am in the night and immediately sent her an email apologizing for the mixup. And she was really nice about it. I was so relieved.

So, When I first read the email from her, I called up Arpan, then Sachin. I was so excited, I wanted to talk to everybody! I called up Natansh and doni, but didn't get to talk to them. I also tried anju mausi... I missed her birthday 4 days ago on 27th march.. (happy bilated birthday mausi) but there was some problem again. I didn't bother to go and paint as I just felt like celebrating! I met Franziska in the learning commons and we decided to go eat something in the cafeteria. It was a nice sunny day.

After that, as I was heading home, I met Sachin, talked to him in person about the scholarship and the rest of the admission process. He asks, "तू खुश है ना?" I just smiled and said, "बहुत.." That is, until I ended up talking to Sujata. I don't say it's her fault. But as she scratched the surface, asking me all these questions, it dawned on me that it's only 11 % of the fees of 2009-2010 Parents would still be paying $24k in tuition. Well, atleast for those one and a half hours, I was truly happy. Even though my parents aren't saying anything about it, (I told dad to tell mom, but she didn't find out until the next morning, at which point, I wasn't available to talk to her on skype.. so I talked to her the day after that.) I emailed SCAD back and asked if there were other opportunities for financial help. And Julie let me know that there was another scholarship I could apply for. I am going to get on it asap.

Today I got the letter from SCAD in mail. I was running late for college so I put it in my bag as I left. After the printmaking class, I went to the learning commons, and met Sachin. Asked him to open it up and read. Their letter head is really sweet. SCAD  written on the top in silver ink. I read that they will get back to me about my artistic honors scholarship in two weeks, and that I was awarded Academic Honors Scholarship for a gpa of above 3.0 I have only ever gotten a D in History of western Art, in fall 2007, which brought my GPA for the term down to 2.85

Another 'fine print' was that I would only get 70% of the scholarship if I was not living on campus housing. I don't know how I feel about that. But I am still happy that I have a shot at artistic honors scholarship also. All my friends are really excited about the news, and we are looking for an opportunity to party. As soon as we are not as busy anymore.

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