Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The answer is no

Last time I talked to mom, she was being.. a little too concerned. (You'd say this is normal for moms but this time was a little more than her usual) She was asking me in a very 'i don't even know the word for this-babying?' voice, why I didn't want to come to India this summer.

I didn't have a straight answer for her. So she went on.. "is it because you think if you come back home, dad won't let you go abroad?" I said "no, it's not that."

She continued on.. you're happy there? I assured her I was doing fine. Great, infact.

Then yesterday Manish bhaiya was very pissed off because of the email I sent him. found him online..
he said, "what the fuck is wrong with you"
I told him the same thing I said to mom. I have my convocation on 11th june and I have a visa interview appointment on 23rd. Can't make it.

look for ur India trip dude..
screw the convocation.. and ur Visa interview.. you can have it scheduled in India or come back to Canada by then..
let me know what you think..
see if you if you change ur mind again
I am guessing it should be fun..
Yash Gupta
yeah the wedding will be fun
Yash Gupta
but not the travelling
Yash Gupta
and the weather

And that's the end of it.

That was back on May 21st. And now we're into July. I didn't go, and I am loving it here!

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