Thursday, June 04, 2009

Weird watchmen dream

This happened Last week but due to my irregularity, I didn't end up typing it. Me and Doni were in a streetcar on queen street. (I guess coming back from China Town or headed to Viztek the camera store) I saw a comic book store from the corner of my eye as we were moving and noticed there was a mannequin dressed up like Rorshach in the middle of the store.

I quickly told Doni to take a look but we had already passed that. I didn't think of it much then.. Just thought it was cool. (Leemrijse is one of the people who having never read the comic book, actually liked the watchmen movie.)

I didn't think of it at all after that. We had a whole bunch of activities going on the rest of the day to keep my mind busy. But subconsciously, I guess I did want to ponder over it. I did not want to let it go. Because that night, I had one of the most interesting dreams I've had in a long time. And I mean Long Time. Last one I remember was the one where I was 'Quick kick' the G.I.Joe character and destroyed a missile with my kick. (Harsh and Suraj should recall this one)

So, this one, started with one of the watchmen scenes.. plays out a lot like the novel all the way to the climax. (It's really hard for me to write this without giving away the ending of the novel...) The climax where we see all the characters assembled in Veidt's Antarctic hideout.. Veidt has won.. successful in killing millions of innocent people despite the best efforts by the other vigilante or super heroes. And as it dawns on everybody that it's all over..

Something weird starts happening to all the superheroes except Rorschach. Dr. Manhattan is not glowing anymore, Lori's voice gets deeper..Nite Owl's hair starts turning red and Veidt's stature is 'shrinking'..
They are all turning into Rorschach.
And they all look very pleased. Rorschach looks pleased. It seems as if all this while, all these vigilantes were alter-egos or manifestation of Rorschach himself. He is the all powerful, and he is the one who really has the powers of Dr. Manhattan. He was living all these duplicate/alternate lives... For his own pleasure/satisfaction.
...How insane is that?!! And what does that say about me and my brain, having cooked up this plot about one of my favourite heroes from my favourite graphic novel?!!  
-written 19th may 09


  1. That's a cool dream.

    Rorschach is badass. (You will be playing as Nite Owl in the Watchmen game if you come back to Pune and if we ever play it).