Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I've been working on at this hour...

The entire room is deserted. So very peaceful up in here. Just wish my music was with me. I just finished animating the bouncing ball. All 74 frames of it. or 27 drawings. I had some from my previous session. Doing the rest, along with making some changes to the previous drawings took me about one and a half hour tonight. This time I uploaded the video on youtube and am embedding that here because youtube gives you the option of seeing it bigger.

I removed one frame from before the first hit to make the ball seem like it was coming down faster and not sticking to the ground. I tried applying the same idea to the second bounce, and changed the frames 21(22) and 23(24) to be a little higher. I suppose this drawing will help explain some things.
 All critiques welcome.

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