Monday, June 23, 2008

No post for next two weeks i guess.

I'm leaving pune tomorrow for the trip to north India. You're forgiven to think that this post is going to be about how friggin excited I am. But, I'm not excited at all. I don't think I even got the time to be excited about coming back to India the night before the flight. I was just really tired and wanted to sleep while mickey wanted to stay up and burn some discs. Even tonight, I'm going to have to stay awake and clean up the room in this really tired state. What could possibly be exciting about that?

I was pretty excited in the morning. When my movie plan with mohit got cancelled, I asked suju if we three(the third person is jayu) could go together. 1 PM show! But first, Pranav invited himself, and then, Arjun bhaiya and Mannu decided to drop in. Arjun bhaiya was in a really nice mood and joked around a lot. The movie was fun too. Incredible Hulk, a little stupid in the climax, but awesome nevertheless! Then we went to JM road. Suju wanted to buy footwear and Pranav had to give a leave application at his institute. While Pranav was at Animaster, suju and jayu decided go have dabeli on JM road.

I was the 'table' for the 4th plate of dabeli that was ordered for pranav. But I was feeling kinda hungry, so I said, if He doesn't show up by the time I'm done with mine, I'll eat that too! Then, when Pranav showed up, things went out of control. He exclaimed with joy when told I was on my second dabeli. Suju, gets even more fired up, and says, "It would be a big deal if he ate four!"
I said, "don't challenge me."
"I just did!" she said coyly.
"Well, bring it on!" I said accepting the challenge.

And then there's no big lead up to how I ate an enormous number of dabelis because it was just 4. I did it. Big whoop...

That was somehow the highlight of my day. good night people.

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