Saturday, June 07, 2008

Lazy day

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you on my blog."
That's taken from a cartoon in today's newspaper. I found that really hilarious and very true. I laughed out loud as I read that. The maid should have gotten used to this by now. I remember one other maid who, upon hearing me laugh out loud for no apparent reason, went to my cousin and said worriedly, "he's just sitting there and started laughing!" And that has been one anecdote that arjun bhaiya tells all his friends about me.

I am still not sure what it was that I had for lunch today, something green and gross! I think she said it was chaudai/chaulai. Bleh! I was feeling really sluggish today. I called up suju but didn't feel like talking... other times she can't get me to shut up. LOL. After I finished my lunch, I went upstairs to shower. I stalled by calling up nikita, Jayu then Meghna. I also called up pranav to find out if he was at the flat and when he'll be coming back. We agreed to do something tomorrow. After I hung up, it was like someone suddenly turned the power switch back on.

I went to the photography exhibit next and was really surprised by the number of people outside. They were celebrating like it was a festival! There was even some painting/renovation work going on around the entrance. Once upstairs it was quiet and peaceful. I could look at the photos at my own pace but I didn't take too long. Not by choice, I just didn't realize that it was going to be that small. But the photos were awesome! I didn't have any doubts in my head about why my picture didn't get selected anymore. I congratulated the people at the counter and left.

Plan ahead: pick up my sketchbook and go to ccd and sketch.

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