Sunday, June 22, 2008

Even in my sleep he won't stop annoying me.

I dreamt that Pranav came over to my house, in Akola. Not once, but twice on consecutive days. He met my mom, dad and sister. But he would disappear very quickly. I mean he would suddenly leave without saying bye to me.

Ok, lets exit my dream and enter reality. Here's the back story now. I've been telling pranav to come to akola at least once since before I went to canada. Now that i'm back, I was really looking forward to celebrating my birthday at my home after 4 years. And I wished that pranav would come be there too.

So when we were chalking out the plan for the trip, I told them I want to be back in time to go to akola for my birthday. And so we made it such that we get back to pune on the 5th. I can then leave on the 6th or 7th, have my birthday party and come back. But when I ask pranav, he is reluctant. He mentions his classes are starting.. I wouldn't want his education to suffer because of me.

But then I hear him talking to other people and telling them "going back early because of yash, or else I'd have stayed back for 5 or 6 more days." I say, "because of me? What about your class?" He replies back, "i don't care about missing a few classes." I just shook my head in disbelief and kept quiet.

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