Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blog update- Wooooo!

I woke up this morning and I felt something. I wasn't hurting anymore. My throat was feeling fine. The cold's as good as gone. I could enjoy my day off! But I was determined to have things done. Certain things that I've been putting off for far too long. I felt I couldn't do those things on my own, I needed someone to help me, make me do it. I had been trying to get Abhinav to help me. I mentioned "I need your help" about 4 different times to him, but he didn't respond "with what?" or "Just name it bro."

If I may go off on a tangent here, it reminds me of the story our painting teacher David Joron told us last Friday's painting class.
Last night, I went back to my studio to touch up a painting for my upcoming show that was almost done. The painting was basically finished. All I had to do was a quick coat of transparency. I called my wife, said I'll be home in an hour. Fourteen hours later, as I finished painting on it, it was already next morning. I didn't even realize it had been that long. And I didn't even get to sleep as I had to be places, do things.. so I didn't get my sleep and was a zombie for two whole days. Why am I telling you this story? To tell you that nobody feels sorry for you. No one!
Yeah, Back to my story now. Well, last night, after thinking a lot, I popped the same question to Sujata. And in the brief moment when her internet got disconnected, I came to my senses. I realized, she can't do anything to help me, I'm going to have to pick up the pieces myself. I should pull my shit together. But when she asked, I didn't want to disappoint her, so I sent her those messages she had missed. I thought to myself, lets give it a chance and see if she really can do something.

Today, I went and bought groceries. I finally have fresh food in the house. I made myself fried rice for dinner. And ate a lot more than I thought I could have.. I guess I was just super hungry! Maybe next time I'll cook even more. I am SO gonna need a bigger skillet for that LOL. The point is to make a meal I can store and eat again later. I am supposed to be having like 4 meals a day. And today I had just 2. Then again, I am just so lazy that I won't even walk out and get myself another helping of food if its not within arm's reach. Yeah, first thing I had this morning was Doritos (jalapeno and cheddar if you must know) because it was sitting on my table.

Hah! Anyways, I have other news to announce. I bought my own domain names for a year. yashrg.co.in and yashrg.com The first one redirects to my blog and the second one to my mobileme web presence for now. I might end up using the latter for my website that we are making in webdesign class. Let me know your views or opinions on the URLs.

Well, Time for me to sign off now. I'm so glad I got this off my chest.


  1. i had decided to leave u a msg saying, 'waiting to read your next blog' (which i actually was)to help to check on your to-do list and there, u already have!
    cool. u got cooking again!
    m happy u r trying to sort things out by urself. things have been different this time!
    anyways, nice post.

  2. Weird. I don't get all twits on mobile. Sorry I wasn't able to help you. Having problems here with ma PC so couldn't read twits on twhirl. :(

  3. Hey abhi, those weren't on twitter. Those messages were while we were chatting. I can even show you chat logs of adium. and you'll see how you just whizzed past them.

  4. Might be some Yahoo issue. I hardly used Yahoo yesterday. I tend to lose stuff nowadays due to random hanging/restarts.

  5. You're making me do this...
    8:43:45 PM Abhinav: pretty basic model
    8:43:50 PM yashrgupta@hotmail.com: hey, I need some help
    8:43:52 PM Abhinav: ok so now I open this file
    8:44:04 PM Abhinav: now I can hardly spin the thing around!

    and second time in the same chat window
    Abhinav: when I got back, the PC had restarted
    yashrgupta@hotmail.com: oh
    yashrgupta@hotmail.com: hey, I need some help
    yashrgupta@hotmail.com: are you getting my messages?
    Abhinav: when I got back, the PC had restarted

    see, your acount name doesn't show up, but it was on msn. Note my hotmail.com ID

    This was on the 17th. and the following was on the 16th,
    Abhinav: are you still feeling down?
    yashrgupta@hotmail.com: I need your help with something

    but come on, lets just drop it. I wish you were online right now so I could talk to you directly.