Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween at Sheridan

I brought in the painting I did the previous night but since a lot of other students hadn't finished their paintings, The teacher decided we were going to do the critique next week! Damn! In class we just watched a few videos on youtube. Of people painting objects and portraits, etc.. mainly with oils. I wish I could remember the names of the artists now.. We also saw a lot of work on artists' websites it was very inspirational for the 20 paintings project. And finally, we talked about our 'setups'.

I'm sorry, let me elaborate on that part. Students are divided into three groups and we get to decide what we want to paint for the next three weeks. Each group will discuss and finalize an arrangement to be made in the painting studio. Everything from how the stage is arranged, the props, the overall look of the background and even the models and their costumes is as per our will. That, in a word is the 'setup' that we're going to paint. Our group is doing a kitchen scene with two chefs. Mainly because I suggested it. It will be a nice diversion from what an other group wants to do.. A very colorful Gypsy theme.

There were a lot of people who came to college all dressed up for halloween. I took lots of pictures of people. I think my favourite was the dude who came dressed as facebook. haha yeah, you have to see it to believe it. A guy was dressed up as iPod. And I met two 'jokers' in college. Joker from the batman series!

Photography class was really interesting too. I haven't gotten around to uploading all the product shots we took in the studio, but this is one of them. Taking product shots in studio by you.Photo by yashrg

Just getting to see the kind of lights they use and learning how its all set up when apple is trying to make their macs look oh so sexy or BMW is making those irresistible car wallpapers. Although we were not working at the same scale as BMW. And just for fun, we clicked photos of the people dressed up in a halloween costume. We didn't really delve into portrait photography, I'm sure there's more to it. And now I hope we do get to learn something about portrait photography next week. Here's one of Sean's photos, after a little post processing in Lightroom.

Sean the Zombie by you.Photo by yashrg

I invited Sean to the party. So instead of going back to Hamilton after class, he waited with me in learning commons. Sachin dropped by and we went to play squash. He also signed me up for the trip to Niagra Falls. I played three sets with Sachin and three sets with Andrew. It was fun. Playing with Andrew, I really learned a lot of new things. Can't wait to go again!

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