Monday, November 24, 2008

boring weekend

People when they meet you after the weekend, they generally ask how it went, what did you do, yada yada... They always want to hear something exciting, maybe you went to a crazy party, saw a new movie, or whatever.. My weekend however, was rather dull. Except for the one little thing that happened Sunday morning-afternoon ish.

I was talking to my mom, which almost always gets me really irritated and in a short tempered mood. I was also simultaneously talking to sujata. Ah, I wish abhinav was online right now.. I could have told him this incident much more comfortably. And also gotten some kind of response... which is almost never the case with blog posts. Anyways, so I was frustrated and had lost all will to do anything. Just the previous night, I was working till way past 3 am. I thought I could get up and do the same today. But 'mom' happened.

She was going through my flickr library and asking me all kinds of questions.. about the places I was, people I was with, etc. Mom also asked me about the stupid locket I was supposed to keep wearing at all times.. I had to put it on in front of her... but then I realized the camera had stopped streaming video for some reason... LOL. Suju was telling me about her friend Ashwin. Then divya navigated to the photo of Sachin's birthday party. And mom asked me about Vodka..which by the way, Divya seemed more worried about than mom. God Div! stop mothering me! And as I told this to Suju, she asks me,
sujata bhagwat: are u closer to your mom or dad?
yash_unique: don't know
sujata bhagwat: or both or none?
yash_unique: none?
sujata bhagwat: as in not both
yash_unique: yep
sujata bhagwat: ok
yash_unique: why?
sujata bhagwat: who do u open up to?
yash_unique: don't make me say it...
sujata bhagwat: ?!
sujata bhagwat: ok chhod
yash_unique: phew! I didn't think I'd get off the hook so soon
sujata bhagwat: are we playing DA soon?
yash_unique: doesn't look like it
sujata bhagwat: great then i shud sleep
sujata bhagwat: i dont want a designer face 2moro morning
yash_unique: lol
sujata bhagwat: seriously man
yash_unique: are yaar ab papa bhi aa gaye pooch taach karne ke liye
sujata bhagwat: they are obviously concerned
yash_unique: lets drop that topic!
Then, as she didn't respond for a long time... I had to say something.. even though I didn't want to.. because this is one of the really depressing things I could talk about.. I went on.. "ok, wait, I open up to abhinav. and I used to talk to Pranav.. Parent's are asking about my friends...Why aren't you saying anything...?" Finally I figured she'd slept and I said, "nice talking to you. good night." and I got one last message.. "I might be wrong, but right now u need a tight hug and a tight slap, both to bring u to your senses!"

hmm... I decided to call her up. Finally got through on my third try. I started slowly.. trying to lead up to the conversation where we had left off.. I wish I was recording that conversation.. there were some really trong things said. And I was in tears, laughing out loud so Sujata wouldn't realize. The tears were just indicative of the sad realization that it was true I did need a hug and maybe a slap. I had changed, and I didn't like how things are one bit. Don't like them at all, but have to live with it.

But gradually conversation moved to something more pleasant and I actually started feeling better. And I casually asked how's pranav doing. And Sujata tries to read into it.. and asked if I really wanted to know. Great! I tried so hard to make it sound like I cared, and now she puts me in the spot. A long pause later, she proceeded... And our conversation proceeded. Which unfortunately was cut short because of a network glitch. I didn't call her back as it was already pretty late. But I hope she's not upset about it.

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