Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The cycle dream.

This morning I woke up with the most amazing feeling in a while! Thanks to the second dream I had tonight. But I'll be going chronologically, and will tell you guys the first dream I had.

I was in a clothing store looking at jackets. Not any ordinary store, this one looked like a pretty high end expensive clothing store. Now I had bought my American Eagle jacket a few weeks ago on a Monday. (I don't remember the date) but in the dream, I didn't have that one on me. And I looked at one jacket which looked like the synthetic material ones that a lot of sports brands like Nike and Adidas have. I didn't like it. So the salesman showed me denim jackets, which I really liked. This was kind of like the Ralph Lauren denim jacket Aniruddh Bhaiya had brought from canada A few years ago. But that jacket was too big for me. And even now, it probably is.. haha. But I still loved that jacket. Arjun Bhaiya used to wear it a lot.

Well, I don't remember if I ended up buying that jacket in the dream. Lets just move on to the second more exciting dream of the night. It seemed like I was in some exotic location, vacationing with certain people, who seemed to be some kind of celebrities, or actors even. In the dream, they were my acquaintances, maybe even friends.. but it was not someone from real life. (Makes me wonder where have all my friends gone? Why don't I dream about them anymore? ) We could have just been tourists, but I feel there is also a possibility it was all in a movie. Hah! Like I would be an actor! /sarcasm.

Everyone except me, had a bicycle we would use to commute. So I walk into a cycle store that is very close by. I didn't look around or ask people.. I just knew the cycle shop. And as I walk into the store, I know the person who works there. It's like we've recently met. I tell him I need a cycle, and he just lets me take one. I head out with my cycle, but my friends have already gone without me. So I jump on the cycle to try and catch up with them. But I can't seem to be able to ride the bike really well. Like I've forgotten how to ride a bibycle. I wobble and almost run into things, still picking up more speed. Now the surroundings have started looking like a dirt village road in India...as opposed to the developed country urban intersection where the dream started... This dirt road looks like seoni or Akola and I am riding on the left side... when I finally hit a little mud hill and crash and fall.

That's when I woke up, and I really wanted to go ride a bike! I figured I'd ge around to it, but I didn't. I did other things that did relate to the first dream, but the post is already too long. And I still want to tak about what the cycle incident alludes to, in real life.

For the last couple of days, I've had a google chat archive open in a firefox window. evey time I exit the browser, it saves the open pages and reloads them next time. One of the pages is the chat I had with Pranav, about the bike that got stolen from sheridan college last year. And I was responsible for loosing it because I hadn't locked it. And funny thing is, instead of really talking about anything, I go on and on describing bicycles...hihi..Cool expensive bikes I've seen... their features... heh.. I talk about how brake pads loose efectiveness on steel rims during rainy season.. well... that's just how I am I guess..

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