Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ice Skating Part 1

On December 5th, while I was chatting with Abhinav, he said, "your tweets always do give an impression of you having a lot more fun there" And I started thinking about it. Its just because there are a lot more people following me on twitter, and because its a more active place, that I refrain from posting my dark sad little feelings. This blog however, is more like my secluded, lonely world. It's quiet in here, can you hear the echo?

But well, yesterday, I decided this could change. So here is an entry about the awesome fun I had in Toronto on Saturday.

Natansh had asked me to go to Toronto with him as he wanted to do some shopping. Earlier I wasn't so gung-ho about it. I was worried about the cold weather in Toronto. But I talked to Donnie about maybe catching a movie in Toronto and I decided that I'll go anyways. So I showered, and just as I was putting on my clothes, I got a call from Donnie saying that he was already on the bus and that I had missed it. I hurried and ran out the apartment without drying or combing my hair. I realized that the same bus passes by from behind my apartment after it leaves sheridan college. So I called up Natansh and told him to be there ASAP. Fortunately, this time, he made it.

We met up with Donnie on the bus and went to Toronto together. On the Go train, Natansh was constantly dozing off to sleep. I told Donnie we could quietly move from those seats to the seats on the top floor. And when Natansh wakes up, he'll be surprised to find us gone. As soon as I was walking away, Donnie accidentally woke him up.. or maybe Natansh just woke up by himself. But the whole prank was ruined. It still made for a good laugh. In Toronto, Donnie left for his friend's place to pick up his letter. We decided to walk through the underground PATH. I believe this was my 4th time going through there, and still I was as lost as could be! To make matters worse, a part of it was closed for renovation/repairs of an escalator. In the end, we ended up walking to the Eaton center in the cold.

I took some photos along the way using Natansh's phone. I transferred them to my phone, and tweeted them when I got a wifi connection at the Apple store. The mall was really crowded. Which is not entirely unexpected or surprising thanks to it being a weekend and christmas just 2 weeks away. All that I had seen in hollywood movies about the Christmas shopping season, was proved right. People had gone crazy buying stuff. How could the economy be in a slump with all this money exchanging hands?!

Shopping with Natansh was fun. specially since I could totally egg him on to buy stuff, and he would do it. He wasn't worried about money at all. At Aeropostale, there was this white t-shirt that I would have liked to buy for myself. But Natansh liked it too, and he picked it for himself so I can't buy that t-shirt for myself too. Because then if we both end up wearing the same t-shirt to college on the same day.. we'll be the butt of all kinds of jokes. And with his purchase, he got a teddy bear free. I should have snapped a picture of that too.. but I was looking out for Donnie. He came to Eaton center to meet up with us.

We went to the Apple store, I wanted to check if they had the in-ear headphones in stock. But they weren't available in store yet so I was a little disappointed. Natansh has been thinking of buying an Apple notebook and he was wondering which model he should go for. So I showed him the difference between the MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Donnie wanted to go to Futureshop too, so we headed out that way.

On the street, there was a performer who was dressed as a cowboy and had face paint applied to make him look like a dummy. He stood absolutely still in -17 degree temperature, only moving suddenly at random intervals. There was a Huge crowd gathered there. Firstly, he had me fooled.. I was wondering why are there so many people watching a cowboy mannequin. But as I looked on, he suddenly moved and that's when it hit me. I took a picture of him with Natansh's phone camera. look at the length of this post. I don't think anyone will even read this.. if someone does, and wants to read the rest of my really fun weekend in Toronto, ask me. Till then..


  1. Where is the rest of it? :)
    See... I read it... full :)
    I wish t visit Toronto someday, walk the PATH and maybe meet u?

    I remember getting lost once in Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall in Seoul...
    They claimed it to be the biggest U'ground mall in Asia!

  2. The rest is still sitting in the drafts.. but I should be outing it soon...(boy! I really admire your patience.)

    Oh, definitely come to Canada, a totally different experience! Just like I hope Seoul is.