Saturday, December 20, 2008

A story to tell for every bruise

There was this thing that Pranav and I made up when we were in alibag.. It was kinda based on the movie Hancock. It went as follows: By ourselves, we are safe from and impervious to any kind of physical harm or damage. But... whenever Pranav and I get together, we become susceptible and very vulnerable to all kinds of cuts, bruises, scratches or any other kind of injury.

There was this period of over 3 months since I had landed in Canada during which I was pretty much unharmed. I played squash, never seriously injured myself. I walked on icy sidewalks like crazy and never fell. But this week, it all changed... I guess after I talked to Pranav on the phone the other day..

First, I had, what I would call my worst squash accident yet. I was running towards the wall to hit the ball and my shoe which is always very slippery, got stuck on something, and instead of sliding to a stop, I was swung hard against the wall. And I wasn't even able to break the impact with my hands, so I hurt my cheek bone and my elbow. My glasses almost broke as they flung off my face. I was lucky to not get a black eye that day.

The next was last night when I was going over to Rajat's house. I had safely crossed 99% of the route from my apartment to his basement. But right before the stairs, there was a patch of slippery ice which I didn't see in the dark. I slipped and fell on the cold snow, my fall broken by my right hand which was holding a bag of chips and the rice I had cooked. I stood up and proceeded down the stairs to his room. And once I was inside, I realize that blood is dripping down my right hand. I wasn't wearing any gloves and my hand was so cold, and numb, I didn't feel a thing...

That's what made me write this entry. I look back at all the times I would go do some crazy thing because of Pranav and end up getting hurt. Same for him, I would egge him on to do something (which was his idea in the first place) resulting in.. what else? a disaster. But a pretty fun disaster at that. Because at the end of it, both of us would have another new story to tell.

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