Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pranav quits smoking

In my blog post, Cycle Dream, I wondered why I had stopped dreaming about friends. It was just a musing, not necessarily a wish for more. But it did remind me of the dream I had after Sachin's birthday party. We got back to Sachin's house slightly less drunk than we were at the party. It was already past 3 am on 19th October I believe. And I slept on the couch if I remember correctly. And I know some of you are going to be curious about this, so lets just get it out of the way first.. no, dreams don't feel any different when you are drunk. LOL

So, first one, was with me and sujata, at a kind of outdoor residential location, which now, I am thinking could have been her farmhouse in the future. LOL. There was some kind of shooting going on in there.. not guns, killing, shooting. but film, cameras, movie, shooting. I was outside, and I could see the crew and everyone through a large opening that could have been a garage door. Anyways, don't want to get into too much detail here, as I have very vague memory of a already very vague dream. Just the way it made me feel, that I was outdoors, in the greenery, with someone was a pleasant thing to remember.

Usha Light House by you.Photo by yashrg
(Yes, the house is above the store.)
The second one was a little more grey. It isn't even about friends, but about my nanaji and the family that lives in Seoni. I dreamt that their house, pictured here, had been remodeled and renovated to something much bigger and more lavish and rich! But the sad part was, Nanaji and Naniji were moved from their room on the 1st floor to a higher floor. Made me really sad. Because in the old age, people shouldn't be made to do a lot of physical work. And they should be closer to the outside world. I wish I could have some say in it. Put my foot down for my grandparents... Anyways. Lets go to the last dream. The one that's the most brief and specific...

I was walking down the street. And I meet Pranav. And by the looks of it, we're meetin after a really long time. Sure we're both excited. But still, not the same spark. But then Pranav tells me some good news. He says "I've finally quit smoking!" I couldn't be happier for him! I really think it's an achievement. And I think we both move on. Or maybe I woke up at the point.

Later that day, I briefly talked to Pranav. This is the chat transcript from that day.. I guess I could have just left it out and had you guess what happened.. it would have been a nice surprise..

pranav: hey
me: hey
pranav: ka haal chaal babua
me: wtf? staying with biharis a lot lately?
pranav: abe teri nahi be ab to teri yaad main jitni ho sake nayi language sikh raha hu, kya pata agli baar yash se baat ho to kis bhasha main bole
me: LOL. you high?
pranav: oye kya bolraha hai
me: why are you not making any sense?
wait.. you never made any sense to me
so this is not ner
pranav: he bhagwan kya hua, itne din mujhse baat nahi ki to main kya bol raha hu tujhe samajh nahi aa raha kya
dhat teri ki
aree tu kaha hai bhai
acha suju se baat kar raha hai kya
me: yes
pranav: wt
me: stop making me switch windows
pranav: ok

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