Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter weekend was great!

I need to be more energetic and start being more expressive. Because I was so damn excited when kevin invited me over but still, talking to him, I was relatively calm which I don't think does justice to him. I wished I would have let him know at that point itself how much it meant to me. Case in point: Ruchi didi sounded really excited when I wished her happy birthday. I could hear the joy in her voice over the phone. Her enthusiasm made me feel so happy because I felt I made her really happy by wishing her right now. It was like I/me wishing her meant so much to her. And similarly, Kevin inviting me to a FAMILY dinner was one of the totally amazing things happened to me. And I feel I've hurt him by not showing enough gratitude. So if he's reading this by any chance, A big thanks goes out to him for inviting me and his sister's family for having me over and giving me such an amazing time.

I even wanted to tell this to pranav right away. But I figured that I didn't have enough time to make a phone call as I had to go get a shower right away. So I just messaged suju and asked her to tell pranav. Kevin came to me with the camera asking why the screen was all dark when he turned it on. I pointed out to him that the battery was dying. He confused the memory card indicator for the battery level. I was kinda upset that we won't be able to take the camera along and I will not get to take any pictures. We first went down to the mall to pick up a greeting card for sarah, her birthday was a few days ago so kevin and nicole were also discussing how much to give her as a gift. Then they tried recalling how much they gave for christmas and how much brandon and nicole got from grandmom...I then realized there were some similarities between them and our family too. ;)

The drive was long and boring... just a little. I did get to see and know lot of new things. Like the amusement park I now plan to go to sometime during summer... LOL. When we started getting into barrie, the snow deposited on the sides of the road started increasing. This place was considerably colder than oakville. Infact, Liam was shoveling the driveway when we got there. Their house was really nice. Even though I only got to see the ground floor and the basement, I think it was Beautiful. They even had a piano in the living room, I asked if someone actually played it(no, nobody did) They had a huge dog named quin(I guess that's how its spelled) and a cat(I don't know what her name was. The restroom was filled with graffiti. They said all the guests got to write a message somewhere on the wall. There was someone from south africa,(Could it be mickey?) And europe, Ohio, and now there will be one writing by a guy from India.

Tim talked to me about a lot of things. The food I used to have in India, my fav sports, food etc. What I am doing here, Animation, cartoons, etc. Well, everybody was really nice to me and wanted to know about some thing or the other. Even I got to know many new things about them and their house and food... OH, I have GOT to tell you this one, They can spot deers right behind their house! How cool is that?! Tim said he puts down food for the deers and then upto 15 deers collect behind his backyard to eat it. He had a binocular by the window behind the dining table for just that. I even showed them my animations and cartoons drawings on Liam and brandon and me went downstairs to play mini sticks before dinner. later me and Liam also played dodgeball. That didn't last really long tho. Sarah accidentally got hit(it was me) by the ball as she was sitting between us two. LOL

I really didn't want to sit with everybody at the dining table, as that puts me under a lot of pressure to be 'perfect'. I haven't usually eaten with forks and knives except for the few times I had steak with kevin and brandon. I didn't want everybody to see how awkward I was with the cutlery and make a fool out of myself... Therefore I sat with liam on the island to have dinner. There was a short gap after dinner for dessert, but it was well worth the wait. I had the trifle (hope that's how its spelled) with whipped cream and just typing about it is making my mouth water right now!(I AM a little hungry tho) It was amazing. I was so full after that I couldn't have had another bite, but I would have definitely loved some more.

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