Sunday, April 22, 2007

Heap full of paperwork

I applied to this job at the recruitment center in college Last week, and I was handed a bunch of forms to fill out! I took time out to go through it and fill them that day itself, but there was a lot of it that I didn't understand. I was hoping that the people in the office could help me out with it, but when I took it to her on Friday, even she wasn't totally sure what I needed to fill in. I was left to fend for myself. How the heck do you expect me to figure out all that financial mumbo jumbo by myself? I am a freakin art fundies student! I'm starting to think its just not worth it. But I don't have any other employment either so I guess I just gotta grab whatever I can.

The other big problem is the social Insurance number. also called SIN I think... I was told on Friday that I can't work without a SIN number! Now I have another chore at my hands, and that is to go get my social insurance number! its somewhere on sears road was all she could tell me. It was a good thing then that I decided to go to the International center and ask them about getting a social insurance number. The old lady there was the one who told me that I had to get a employment letter and show it to the ppl at the human resources center(where I would get my SIN) in order to get it. If it wasn't for that, I would have ended up at the damn place with nothing to support me! I think they could have made this whole process a lot more friendlier and little less pain in the ass(and legs) for us.

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