Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Somebody save me!!!

Damn I hate talking to mom... its been almost 20 mins now, and I see no end. I will also post the duration by the time I'm done with this post. I have nothing to say to her but SHE has so many things to ask they just keep on going. All I say is yes or no. Why can't she take a hint from that- She's killing me inside by keeping me occupied here. I could go do so many amazing things in that much time! I have to work on mel's animation outlining. I have to do an animation for next wednesday's ideas and images class. I also got to work on the hand painting for next thursday. Now I'm thinking I would have gotten out of it all if only I had packed up my stuff and left for home a few minutes earlier, I would never have had to endure this.

Another thing that's worse is the noise these damn janitors are making with the stools here. This is the second time I'm seeing this. And now I'm really sure the janitors are seriously messed up in their heads! The authorities ought to get rid of these damn mexicans and if they need to, they could hire one of us to work here. We'd love to keep our hangout clean. Atleast we won't have to see their spanish faces around any more!

Now, finally mom has hung up! I get to go home! She's been talking to me for 45 minutes! God! what the heck! How can you keep up with me for so long like that? I guess that's what family's all about. They stick with you despite your shortcomings and stupidities and boringness...

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