Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sagar short and stubby?

I know mamiji likes sagar as a kid and would rather that he never grew up, but this would have really broken her heart. She would have been really sad just like she was in my dream. I have no freakin idea how my brain comes up with such situations. its totally whacked out. ready to get shocked? and probably rofl?

I dreamt that I was with suraj and sagar and yeah, the whole family too. But the house didn't resemble the nagpur or the seoni one. Guess it was just my mind's stylized version of nanaji's house in seoni. So one peculiar thing was that sagar was "short and stubby" I think this was a continuation from one of my previous dreams where it was just found out that sagar is a dwarf. But he was pretty tall in that one and he had shrunk down in this one. LOL. But he looked really cute now as opposed to the skinny taller him. At one point I forgot that he was a dwarf now and asked mamiji why he had gotten short and chubby recently and she shushed me and reminded me that he had been detected with dwarf genes..

Well, that's not really what it was all about. I just mentioned that because that's one other thing in the dream in which I was playing in the rain! *gasp*

I still remember those summer days where a sudden monsoon shower would bring relief from the scorching heat and give us kids a awesome time! I would love to be able to do that once again. and not just in a dream. ah, back to the dream...

I was playing with sagar, we ran outside in the balcony, and it started raining. when I felt the rain on me, I felt something I had lost come back to me. I just stood there for a moment and then started doing all those childish things kids do in the rain. Jumping, splashing around. My favourite thing to do was to come running from a distance and then just go down on my knees and slide all the way. It was one of the most fun activities ever! I got totally lost in myself. forgot all the worries of the world. That was kinda how I should have felt when I finished my assignment today, but no. I still had to pay the fees, get a job and get ready for tomorrow's class. which reminds me, I should be getting back to sleep. Oh those short moments of bliss.

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