Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why don't we pee the same color liquid we drink?

I was just really eager to write this post so I don't give a damn that my previous post is only half done and that I have so many things to fill in on since 29th march. Yesterday was another really nice experience with Katie laura and Jake. I met them at tim hortons in college and we took the 24 from the college to 'Missisauga' I believe and we walked to loomis. It was the biggest art store I have ever seen! Even bigger than the currys at Dundas in Toronto. And venus traders in pune was a 'complete stationery store' so that F.C. road store doesn't count. I did see that the canvases there were obviously cheaper than in the college bookstore. I also noticed Jake had a membership card of the store so he'd get credits every time he shopped there. Pretty cool. We then walked to 'Famous Players' the multiplex where we were gonna watch 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. There were self service ticket vending booths here too! Select the movie, then the show, it also gave option of snacks, (and I got the nachos and coke combo) then just swipe your credit card to make the payment! Cool huh?

Today I wasn't even thinking one bit about how much I was spending. I just went with the flow. I picked up my nachos with salsa(pranav you remember nachos don't ya?) and cheese. And I was totally stumped when I saw the size of the coke glass! Damn I didn't think large would actually be 'THAT' large! Well, nothing to do about it now, we can obviously finish it if we all pitch in. hehe. And there was still a lot of time to go for our movie to start, (did I forget to mention we thought the show was gonna start at 6 but it was actually at 6:50??) so we went into another screen where 'Premonition' was playing. We were there having nachos, tolerating that piece of crap jut for the sake of it. I could even write a review about that movie right now.. but never mind. We decided to sneak out of that screen in two groups and go to the restroom, come out and then casualy walk back into the theater where TMNT was supposed to play.

The plan worked flawlessly, and we were back together without any hiccups. I was kind of scared because I thought one of the cleaners saw me going into and coming out of the restroom. But even if he did, he didn't figure it out, or he just decided to ignore it. Thank god! The movie didn't start for quite some time, there were lots of previews which made me go watch more movies! I really want to go watch meet the robinsons in stereoscopic 3D AND shrek 3. (I had to mention stereoscopic 3D merely because of a dumb discussion with mickey this afternoon in class, where he thought that when I was saying 3d for Meet the Robinsons, I meant 3D animation as in classical/flash 2D vs 3D computer animation.) So I hope ya'll learnt a new word today - stereoscopy. So when the movie did start after all those adverts, I was a little distracted or just not in the zone to grasp all the information because most of the explanation of the portal and the brothers turning into stone and him becoming immortal flew over my head.

Well, I did manage to finish the drink by the end of the movie, after all, I am the king of coke! I can just keep guzzling down coke all day! But I did have to run to the loo then and that was just where I was thinking where did all the black color go? why isn't the urine the color of the liquids we drink? Well, there you go. that's my stupid thing of the day. Now lets move on, to chapters. We were gonna walk all the way to the japanese restraunt, but since it was raining, we decided to spend some time in the bookstore. It was totally amazing! Even better than crossword in Pune! And, it had loads of animation related books and at a cheaper price than that animation roadshow thing. Man, I feel so stupid! Well, what's done is done, but from now on, I'll be coming here for buying books! Not purchasing anything today because its raining! damn the wretched weather! Its gonna go as low as -9 again later this week!

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