Friday, July 18, 2008

Do Kahaniya (two tales)

There are two interesting things I wanted to write about tonight. That 'I saw Batman the Dark Knight' is not one of those two. Its merely a part of the first story, the one starring Abhinav. Lets begin already shall we?

I met him at E square as per our plan. He had gotten a new cellphone with a camera and everything. And he used it to record a video that he told me about yesterday. I had heard the audio clips he sent me, and I couldn't wait to see what craziness he'd have done in the video. BTW, these audio clips were him doing funny accents and evil, crazy laughs etc. And everyone who heard them loved it. I was so impressed with the crazy laugh that I decided to keep it as a message tone on my phone.

As we were waiting for the ticket counters to be opened, he was showing me stuff on his cellphone. Video of his cat, a large beetle that he saw and then, the video of him 'fooling around to the tune of a cartoon music.' It was hilarious, and awesome and potentially embarrassing if it got into the wrong hands. But I loved it. I loved his antics. Probably because he was so totally into it, you couldn't help but appreciate his devotion. But more than the video itself, I am still impressed that he showed it to me!

To me, that is an amazing gesture to show how much he trusts me. Maybe for him its not that big a deal. But I hope he sees my point of view. I wouldn't have kept anything like that at a place where any of my cousins can access it. Because they are ruthless when it comes to making fun of someone about something. But he had his sister record that, so obviously he doesn't have to worry like I do. I think I'm drifting away from the point.. Abhinav, I really REALLY appreciate you showing me that video. And you can continue to share this kind of stuff with me in the future as well.

The second part of this post goes out to the guy at the signal who complemented me on my bike. Who doesn't like receiving a little compliment every now and then. And I was ecstatic. I just hope I responded in an appropriate manner too. I mean, I certainly tried to be as friendly as I could. He said it was his dream bike too, and I responded by honestly saying I didn't think I'd like the bike before I first rode it. The bullet machismo 500 does get me a lot of attention on the road. Later, some uncle said, 'so, the brake's now on the other side!' (Royal enfield bikes used to have the reverse position for gear lever and the rear brake.) I just said, 'all new bikes are like this now.' And the signal turned green, and I sped away.

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  1. Sure. Would like to share more wackyness. Speaking of which, we should make a crazy wacky video sometime. It would be hillarious.