Thursday, July 17, 2008

The rare occasion when..

I have a good day.

I absolutely hate waking up early! But I had to do it for sujata this time. We got back from Mumbai at almost 1 am and my alarm rang at 5:40 am to wake me up. I looked around for my jacket, but couldn't find that either! I was gonna have to ride all the way to kothrud in the cold morning wind. But I had sujata to warm me up. She was wearing her red sweater, had her arms around my waist and rested her head on my body. Well, that part didn't really work that well as I was wearing a helmet and it would hit her every time we went over a bump. LOL

I took a short nap when I got back home. I woke up at around 9 am and had milk, showered and finished breakfast. Arjun bhaiya assigned me more work, and this time I was determined to do it. I talked to abhinav and asked if he wanted to go to watch The Dark Knight tomorrow. He said yes. Now to ask Pranav. But I'll do that when I see him later today. I left for FC road. Enquired about the phones and also asked if my phone would fetch me anything and if there was any worthy replacement for the E60 on the market. Nothing. Then it was off to class. I figured if I go early, today, I can leave early.

We dealt with muscles again at dynmix. It was interesting for a while. I even started enjoying being able to draw really muscular people like those in comics. But when we started dealing with the back, I started loosing it. At about 4:30, I got a message from Farheen saying that she was free to talk. And talk we did! For about 15 minutes when she got another important call. When I hung up, I did a recall of what I talked about. I felt a little embarassed...I wanted to send her a message "I'm sorry if I came across as hyper. I was just very excited."

I just didn't stop speaking for those 15 minutes! Not even for breath it seems. I was just going on and on. I hardly heard anything from her. Wow! The next time, I am going to be asking her more questions and gonna get to know her better. But I can never forget today. Speaking to her after soooo long! I just hope she felt the same way too. I was having a great day so far. And I knew it would keep going like this. I had to get home and check the email I got from sheridan. I had a positive feeling about this. I think I got in.

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