Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yashrg's series of unfortunate events

Yesterday was one of that days, that make you go, "really? Come on! What are the odds of that happening! And all that happening in one day!" So, I'm not making up a story, and yes, all this really happened to me in the last 24 hours!

I talk to tina on the phone, she's sick. Now I'm going to have to do that shopping alone. Disregard that statement I just made. Moving on... I go upstairs to shower, and I open the door of the dressing room and hit the maid cleaning behind it. I had watched 'The Secret' just two days ago, and I'm still in the spirit, so I take everything in a stride so far. I sit down to draw from the Encyclopedia of bodybuilding. I do a few really bad sketches before I get hungry.

Hmm.. I wonder why I'm writing all the things in the present tense... anyone have any views about this kind of writing, I'd love to hear it.

while I'm waiting for the lunch to be prepared, I turn on the tv in the kitchen. I didn't know that is on. I love this show. And they're gonna be talking about making electricity from fruits like lemons etc. and battery powered truck which is about to break a speed record. I keenly tune in. But before that, comes on a part about how they test condoms for imperfections. I keep watching, but after a while, taiji has had enough. "Change the channel" she tells me. I'm not a 8 year old! But I do it anyways.

I reach the class, there's only Sunny and sir there. I sit down, fart. My stomach's kinda upset today. I don't feel like sticking around in this desolate place, there's no electricity even! I call up suju to go see her. She was sleeping. I press the doorbell and wait for an eternity before I realize there's no electricity here either and I need to knock the door. I give her the ointment. Fart. We discuss plan to go out and do night painting later. "I'd better not stick around here for long or I'll really stink up the place." I said. I had other plans for now.

I call up Tina asking her if its ok if I come visit. At her hostel, the security guard asks me to 'sign in'. I'm kinda surprised. I start walking towards the stairs when the bitch starts yelling. I calmly tell her "you don't have to be rude." Remember 'the secret?' She continues yelling. I repeat myself, I think she didn't get it. she goes "kya bola?" Translation: "What'd you say?" I turn to tina, "what is 'rude' in marathi?" Its getting funnier by the second. I can't wipe that smile off my face. Why did they ask me to 'sign in' and write my name and contact number etc when I wasn't even allowed to go IN. LOL. Tina's doing fine. I say we'll try and go do that thing some other time.

I get hopelessly lost in trying to get to ABC from kothrud. I give up and get to bibewadi. Load shedding here too. I sit with Asadul while he's showing me his stuff.
He goes, "Something really stinks!"
"Oh, I'm sorry, that's me, I feel constipated." Embarrassing!
I start feeling really weak and I'm trembling. I think I overdid it with the exercise this morning. Maybe I just need some food. I text Pranav to get me something to eat. Plug in my laptop as soon as the power is back and start trying to scan some sketches. The power cord is loose so the scanner wouldn't turn on. Pranav fidgets with it and voila!

Suju calls me up and I leave without my laptop fully charged. I pick her up and we still haven't decided where to go. We ride around and end up at parwati. Find a spot and sit down to paint. Taiji calls to ask where I am. I lie. Few minutes into the painting, the cops come to shoo everyone off. Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! This totally blows! What did we do wrong? Suju says "lets go before we get into trouble." What law did we break? what did we do wrong? After a nice ride back to her place in the cold wind, she says she doesn't feel like going home. lets ride around some more. I'm too cold. I just wanted to ride back home and tuck myself in a warm bed.

But that wasn't meant to be. I averted an accident because of an aunty who jumped the red signal. At the flat, Pranav's brother is here. We decide to go see a movie at city pride satara road. Unfortunately, or fortunately... nothing nice was on. Now we're going to watch superbad at the flat. Everyone wastes a lot of time monkeying around. Wait, I was the one monkeying around. Hehe.. You gotta see the video to know. We start watching the movie at about 1 am. Midway, everyone wants to sleep but I continue. I have watched this movie around 20 times now. I just need an excuse to watch that movie. And I finish watching it in a low volume in complete darkness and go to bed knowing that tomorrow's another day.

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