Thursday, July 24, 2008

I see right through him

This happened 3 days ago and I really wanted to write about it. The
only thing was, I didn't have internet on my laptop. When I was at the
flat, internet would be connected to Pranav's computer and I hate
Pranav's keyboard. Then for two nights, I was at aundh. And the
keyboard there is one of those ancient white (now yellow) clackety
ones. So I figured this could wait.

That day, at dynamix, Tanmay sir was talking to me about canada.
Rather, me staying here in India instead of going back to canada. And
I didn't like it one bit. I should have been pissed, but being the
calm and peaceful guy that I am, I didn't react that way. So, he goes,
"Yash, do you have to go to canada?" I was caught off guard and I just
said, "uh.. yeah", in a very confused tone. He asked, " how much are
you paying there per year? And how many more years do you have to go?"
I already didn't like where this conversation was going.

He says, "kya karega re waha jaa ke?" translation: "What's the point
of going there anyways?" I said, "I'll have to finish my graduation
there." He goes on and tells me about some BSC in animation graduation
they have in ignou. I think I rolled my eyes, at-least in my mind. He
says, "Sure, you'll go there, enjoy your life, look at sexy white
chicks, SO what?" I looked at him in disgust. "you don't know me.
That's why you think that's all I care for", I said in my mind. I
wished this conversation would end right here.

But it didn't. "You know flash right? Sunny told me you showed him a
walk cycle you made in flash", said Tanmay. Dammit! how does something
that looked so harmless once upon a time, come back to bite me in the
ass now, like this? He wants me to work on his stupid little project
for him! I never should have shown that walk cycle to Sunny. "That was
just a shitty little animation I did in a few hours by following a
tutorial! I can't animate yet!" is what I should have said. However,
he kept going, "If you graduate there, and want to work here, you'll
have to start from scratch. Why don't you just start now, help me

This guy wants to suck me for all he can, in helping him on this
project and then, I'll be left high and dry. Why would I want to ruin
my chance of getting a good education for his stupid film? Wait,
scratch that. My chance of getting "THE BEST POSSIBLE EDUCATION IN
ANIMATION!" And I had made up my mind very well that I'm not going to
work on anything like the stupid indian animated feature, 'Hanuman'. I
said I'll talk to my dad about it. But I wasn't going to. I wonder
what Pranav's reaction is going to be when I tell him this story.

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