Thursday, July 31, 2008

The nightmare theory.

Most kids when they watch a horror movie, then have a nightmare, will say, "I'm not watching that scary movie again." They'll have dreams they didn't like and they'll hope it never happens. But I have found that the reverse of this works pretty well. I have just formulated this theory. Hear me out.

If you were scared the first time you were watching a movie and had a nightmare, instead of vowing to never watch it again, go watch it so many times that its not scary anymore. If you see a dream in which you're doing something that leads to undesirable results, go and do that thing in real life. However, this can't obviously be applied to every dream that you have like jumping off a cliff or playing russian roulette. So use your discretion.

Let me illustrate this with an example of my own. I had a dream a few days ago, in which I was told to go on a very long journey. It was really crucial that I go. I would have to change trains, buses and god knows what other means of transport. However, I didn't want to do it... not alone. I was scheduled to leave within an hour or so. And I say to myself, "who can I call at this time to come along? Which one of my friends is crazy enough to do such a thing?" And of course, I decide to try Pranav.

I whip out my cellphone and try to type his name in the contacts search field to call him up. But I just couldn't type in the letters properly. I was in a state of urgency and I guess I was trying too hard to type fast leading me unable to punch the right keys. Frustrated, I exit the contacts, and try to enter the number directly. His is one of the very few numbers I know by heart. Its in my long term memory. But I guess it wasn't in my muscle memory as I couldn't even type 9050 properly. I kept pressing 8 and 6 and such numbers that aren't in his phone number at all.

By now, I was really sad, tensed, I was freaking out! I was crying. And in the horror of horrors, I woke up. The nightmare finally ended. I went to Pranav, I told him the dream, I kind of cried... almost. I kept wondering what could the dream mean. That one day I won't be able to make a call to Pranav? Or that I wouldn't want to call Pranav? Maybe someday he won't be there to help me or I wouldn't need his help. Maybe Pranav doesn't want me to call him anymore because he doesn't want to have anything to do with me... All these possibilities drove me nuts.

And I don't know how, I just knew what I had to do. I asked him to accompany me to wherever I was going. His response led me to realize that there are some places where he can't or simply won't follow me. No hard feelings. I called and texted him. And once again, just like old days, I accidentally typed his number on the phone instead of someone else's. So, by doing exactly what I saw in the dream, I stopped myself from thinking about it too much.

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