Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, 5 pm we started playing squash

Just before I left my place, I had signed up for the Sheridan college squash ladder/league. I thought I was ready to take part in a tournament. And my suspicion was proved right when I won 8 games against three opponents today. Well, Bhupi had never really played squash so I don't feel too proud for having defeated him. Although watching him play against Sachin, I thought he would be a force to be reckoned with. So winning all the games I played was a huge confidence booster. But it wasn't a lot of fun.

Before I decided to shut down this blog, I was going to post a blog entry titled "It's more fun when Doni wins." Actually it's more fun when I loose. Lets look at what goes on in the court: As I start loosing, Doni or Sachin will start teasing me. I retaliate and give them the finger, yell or tell them to shut the fuck up. Which they all know to take lightly. As I miss a shot or goof up, I yell, exclaim! Throw the racket around, kick the air, punch an invisible Pranav(it's about time I brought him up!)

When I'm winning and the opponent is miserably loosing, the situation is much more intense. I am very calm and composed. I have to be a modest winner. I give the opponent calls for a 'let' etc. I tried trash talk, but it's just not my thing. All I would say is "that was a good rally" for a rally that lasted really long or where some interesting shots were made. So sometimes I switch to playing with my left hand when I am winning.

I played with my left hand and my forearm is still sore. Even the other day in the gym, I realized that I don't have as much strength in my left arm as my right arm. My right forearm is visibly bigger than my left. I find that hilarious. Reminds me of the episode of the simpsons where homer is working out only one of his arms and it gets super huge and powerful.