Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three Buses and Three Flights final

Okay, I want this part to come to an end already. The flight was a really short one. And there was no food service. There was just a drinks service. There were no television screens. I couldn't wait to get out of it when I reached Chicago.

Chicago was my first footstep in USA. Immediately, I started noticing how people were talking diffrently. I was getting really hungry by now. Walked around the terminal and saw the food court. A nice Jazz themed place. Jazz and Chicago have a history. You can refer to wikipedia for it.
Another thing Chicago is famous for, is their pizzas. I decided to have a pizza from "Reggio's". First time I was spending money in US dollars, in America. Cost me $9.57 with the drink and now I had $10 less to spend on my trip to SF. I knew I wouldn't be able to ake the most of my stay there without more money. But I could always borrow some from Aayush.

After eating, I went around the terminal, taking photos. That you can see in my flickr gallery. Next flight was to Las vegas, Nevada. The city of lights, casinos, Gambling and money. I SO totally wanted to go out to the 'strip' and check things out first hand. I did have a whole night to spend there as the next flight was in the morning. But I talked to Manish bhaiya and he suggested me not to go out there. I thought that was a good decision as I didn't have too much money on me anyways. So I just wandered around the airport like a ghost.

I barely caught a few hours of sleep and was on my way to SFO. Another really short flight. San Francisco airport is connected very well to the rest of the city. I had to take an air train from the terminal to where the BART station is. And from the BART station to downtown where Aayush was supposed to pick me up.

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  1. Hey .. real nice series of posts .. red them all in one go today ! .. msk would love reading this .. oh man .. he dreams of America ..