Sunday, January 25, 2009

My adventure has begun

Upon realizing that I'm going to have to leave much earlier than I expected, I packed all my stuff, last minute as always, and ran out of the house. I gave donnie a call to make sure I wasn't missing anything that I might need. And sure enough, while talking to him, I remembered that I forgot to keep the letter that I got from Sheridan college.

I was talking to andrew at the international center the other day and mentioned to him that I will be going over to USA. He said that I should take a letter from the college saying that I am a student and my classes will end in April just so they know I'll be coming back.
And from the visa interview, I learned to always expect the unexpected.

I started searching for that and quickly folded it and put it in my wallet when I found it. I was almost out the door when donnie called me back. He said I should also know the ticket number of my return ticket just in case. Luckily, I have all that information on my iPod touch. And so I waited at the bus stop outside my apartment; not giving any thought to how cold it was. Soon I would be away from this all.

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  1. hey, nice!
    mysterious that the whole trip sounds like(to me), its exciting me now! i'll be checking updates here :)