Friday, January 30, 2009

Three buses and three flights part 2

I couldn't figure out which bus I needed to take for the airport. So I thought I'd give a call to Doni. He generally knows about such stuff. Last time I was here, on Boxing day, he was the one who had figured out the whole thing. (We didn't end up taking the GO bus that day.) But just as I dialed his number, I asked someone which bus I needed to take. He was taking the same bus, and he said, 'Just run with me.' And I was on the phone, teling Doni "The bus is just about to leave." while running as fast as I could with the suitcase in my hand and backpack on my back. Doni replies back, "what are you doing talking then? Run!"

Once I was finally in the bus, I hung up. The ride was pretty short and I got to the airport earlier than I expected. I picked up my ticket from a kiosk. It was really nifty. I wish I could have taken a video of it. I just scan my passport in it, (since I was asked to submit my passport number when I booked my ticket) and the machine asked a series of questions, and printed my ticket. I just took that to the attendant for checking in my bag and getting my boarding pass. "15 dollars for checking in a bag." I was like, WTF! I hardly have any cash, I maxed out my credit card when I booked the ticket, And they didn't take any debit card. So I had to use up all my canadian money. And I still had to get some American money. So I went to a currency exchange place and got a bare minimum of 50 USD.

All this while, I was tweeting out. I tweeted what if I said "I have a bomb" on twitter right now? would someone reading that call up the airport security and get me arrested? Hah.. that didn't happen. What did happen, was that I got selected for 'Random extra screening' Now anyone who's ever seen enough movies involving airport security checks, knows this is the most dreaded thing ever! Not only for the people who are actually hiding something but also for the innocent people. The security guy's name was Basim. He took my boarding pass with him. After going through the metal detector, He called me aside and put on his gloves. He asked if I had any sore or sensitive areas on my body. I shrugged.

I was really scared for one thing. I didn't want to be cavity checked. That would have been the most embarassing and painful thing ever! But it didn't go there. He just patted my arms and body to check for any items I might be hiding in my clothing. They then went through my bag. I had to tell him to be careful when removing the towel from my bag because it had my other lens wrapped in it. Next was my camera bag. they rubbed a piece of cloth on the camera and then scanned it in a machine for chemicals.

As expected, nothing showed up, and I was free to go. This was going to be the 6th plane I step into. I think I really want to keep a count. And in the next few days, the count is going to go up really high, really fast. I will land in Chicago and take another plane to San Francisco.

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