Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three buses and three flights

Okay, I am going to cover a lot of ground in this post so it's bound to get super long. The oakville 24 bus got to south common mall just intime for me to catch the mississiga transit bus to square one. On the bus, I was sitting next to a woman who worked in a church. She was reading a document about the...umm.. deacon? And deaconesses? I am not sure of the term. But the point is that she saw me reading and started a conversation.
"you go to a church?"
"I am not a Christian," I said politely, "but I've been to churches with my friends on various occasions."
"what church do you go to?"
"I don't know.. My friend in Mumbai took me to a church for christmas. I had a church in our school premises where I've been on multiple occasions."
"And it doesn't matter what church you go to, its the same feeling, it's the same god." okay, maybe not exactly as quoted but I said something to that effect to prevent her from starting about catholic or protestant churches.. Because I am not very clear on how they are different.
"yes," she agreed, "but once you believe in Jesus, you shouldn't stop going."
(uh I don't really have all that time to go to churches. Last time I even went to a temple was.. Umm I drawing a blank here.)
But she gave me the card of her church, gave me her name and number and the head guy's number. She said "you should come. We have gym, basketball.. "
I just said ya, ya, for despite what I do or don't believe in, what I will or won't do, she seemed like a nice lady. I gave her a hug and ran to the side of the road where GO buses depart from.

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